Harbin Airport Informational Guide to Harbin Taiping International Airport (HRB) - Non Official

Harbin Airport Bus

The following Bus options are available from Harbin Airport to the city centre:

Shuttle Bus

Line 1

This bus service runs 24 hours from the airport to downtown. From Harbin Train Station departs only at 06:30.

Stops at Kang’an Lu, Anfa Bridge, Harbin Railway Station, Wenchang Jie, Zhongshan Lu (Civil Aviation Terminal).

Single ticket is CNY 20. 

Line 2

From Harbin Airport to Huizhan Zhong Xin. Stops at Hexing Shang Sha, Lesong Guang Chang, Haci, Nongken Da Sha, Huizhan Zhong Xin. 

Schedule from Huizhan Zhong Xin from 06:00h to 18:00h, every 30 minutes. 

Single ticket is CNY 20. 

Line 3

Line 3 runs from Harbin Airport to Taiping Bridge.

Stops at Chuilun Lu, Shi Ji Lian Huan, Jianguo Jie, Anguo Jie, Nanma Lu, Xuanhua Jie, Taiping Bridge. 

Schedule from Taiping Bridge is from 06:30h to 16:30h, every 40 minutes. 

Single ticket is CNY 20. 

Line 4

Line 4 runs from Harbin Airport to Jiangbei Xueyuan Lu. 

Stops at Chilun Lu, Shi Jie Lian Hua, Gonglu Da Qiao, Shimao Da Dao, Jiangbei Xueyuan Lu.

Schedule from Jiangbei Xueyuan Lu is from 09:00h to 13:50h. 

Single ticket is CNY 20. 

Buses to nearby cities

To Daqing

From 09:40h to 22:40h, every 30-60 minutes.

To Qiqihar

10:40h, 12:00h, 13:20h, 14:30h, 15:40h, 16:50h, 18:10h, 19:30h, 20:50h. 

To Jiamusi

13:30h, 16:30h.